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Greetings Good People!


It has been a minute, I’m willing this finds you super well. I’m jazzed to reconnect and unveil my new website and creative project!


I’m in the process of creating a performance piece that synthesizes my passions, expressions and purpose. It’s a multi-disciplinary healing art performance titled: “Mama Lava“. The performance will debut in NYC at Kraine Theater. Please save-the-date and join us on Thursday and Friday, June 7 th and 8th at 7:30pm. All ages are welcome.


Mama Lava incorporates transformational storytelling, sound healing, turntablism, movement, fashion design and installation art as a mechanism of spiritual healing in the format of a play and sacred ceremony. Throughout the piece we will celebrate the divine feminine, address the healing of personal and cultural trauma and bring in the template of “spiritual activism”, where we will approach the myriad of non-sustainable issues we face on this planet. Through art, Mama Lava intends to be of service towards the shift of global awakening in this crucial time of change and spiritual activism.


Infinite thanks to the Mama Lava team: Performers Janna Zinzi and Lorilee Chien, Executive Producer Marisa Gross, and team Petra Valoma, Citlaliq Jeffers, Chelsea GregoryJavier Rosa and so many others who are helping to bring Mama Lava to life!

The Mama Lava trinity: Janna Zinzi, Chela Amma, Lorilee Chien


As Mama Lava is birthed, we are petitioning your financial support. Thanks so much for your consideration. Please visit our indiegogo page, support how you are able, and assist us in spreading the word: http://www.indiegogo.com/mamalava?a=516864
Thank you thank you thank you!


We hope you join us June 7th and 8th, and in the meantime, please stay connected at  www.mamalava.com, follow us on twitter: @MamaLavaLove, and love liking us:https://www.facebook.com/MamaLavaLove!

Chelaonline.com is relaunched! Thanks to Martin Mancha for the new design, Gabe Eng-Goetz for DJ Chela + Mama Lava logos, Imani Vidal for photography (NYC based), Javier Rosa for makeup (NYC based), and Dana Balicki for bio support. I can’t say enough good things about these folks, reach out to them for brilliance!




April 20-22 Whole Again Earth Day Retreat


I’m honored to be a facilitator at this retreat at the beautiful Galiana center. Spaces are still open and it’s right around the corner so do reach out if you are interested.

“…We will experience various forms of yoga, breath work, trance dance, sound, voice, live music, sauna, ritual, ceremony, and delicious, healthy food to re-connect to our self, the elements, the earth, and the cosmos. We will clear our body/mind so we can experience more of our self without distractions.”
For more information 




Friday May 4

Fly Girl Fest-all ages event!

El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice

“Live Your Dreams”

In loving memory of Kibibi Dillon

211 South 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211


It will be around 6-8pm, please stay tuned for more information. Bring young ones! This event is for all ages, but especially those next up.

Saturday, May 5
DJ Chela & teenidakini invite you to:


Tantric Prom!

Celebrating Beltane


Shivas and shaktis are welcome in all their radiance for an evening of sacred song, puja and movement to honor the fertile earth, our awakening selves and the sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine. We celebrate Beltane and the rites of spring, sowing the seeds of our love, creativity and intentions for a bountiful “crop” in 2012.


With Surya Devi from Vancouver singing Kirtan, Puja guided by teenidakini, a soundtrack for movement and transformation by DJ Chela and an enticing burlesque performance by Sake Fevah, it’s the prom you wish you had gone to back in the day!!


– Kirtan 6:30pm-7:30pm with special guest Surya Devi from Vancouver



– Puja with teenidakini 8pm



– DJ Chela trance dance 9pm – close



– Sake Fevah of Brown Girls Burlesque performance 9:30 http://www.browngirlsburlesque.com/


Come dressed in beauty however you wish to decorate your temple ~

Come in a couple or single ~

You are invited to bring a cushion or yoga mat to sit on during kirtan ~

Held in safe and sacred space, no explicit behavior.




Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Av Studio 16T, betw 36&37th sts.


$30 per person in advance, register here: http://teenidakini.com/2011/11/06/x-96/

otherwise $40 per person at the door


A tantra gathering is an opportunity to connect with yourself and others who are interested in tantra – integrating mind, body and spirit with the conscious intention to love. Join in breathing, meditation, and interact with other divine and sacred beings in basic and safe connection practices.



Tuesday, May 8
Chela and Surya Devi present:
Choosing Unity: Align With Your Inner Divinity workshop


In this evening workshop we will be exploring ways of perceiving ourselves and others through a lens of Oneness. We will learn of the many aspects of our psychology that have us feeling separate and struggling with ourselves and others, and explore the energy of judgment and projection that is so prevalent in our society. We will increase our capacity for forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and tolerance.


A wave of unity consciousness is sweeping the planet as a growing number of people are feeling their connection to each other and the Divine. We claim our capacity to facilitate this shift through prayer, intention, aligning with Oneness, our inner Divinity, and our Higher Selves. We perceive this as a choice we make of identifying with our benevolent core essence rather than identifying the workings of the splintered aspects of our psychological makeup. We hold sacred space in our cells, ourselves, our relationships, and our communities, therefor we are stewards of the shift underway. We ignite our capacity to change the world by changing ourselves, finding the unity in every situation, especially the challenging ones, and using our personal lives to create change. This can be thought of as “spiritual activism.”


The old paradigm is full of opposites – right and wrong, darkness & light, victim & persecutor, blame & acceptance. This new era we are moving into is one of total responsibility; seeing the big picture of our lessons on a soul level and our contracts with other individuals to assist us with our growth and evolution. It is not always easy, but we believe that to approach our lives with this philosophy can bring about great healing and inner freedom. As we all move into higher states of consciousness and respect for another, we can move through our lessons with joy, love, ease & grace.


The teachings presented help in “getting out of your own way” and aligning with effortless flow, joy and ease in life and creation. You are empowered to live each day in ceremony, being priests and priestesses in your own life, while accepting all aspects of ourselves, identifying the benevolent Godself as our true essence. We will learn skills to transmute past trauma through reversing, ho’oponopono meditation, sound healing, communion with spirit and more. The workshop will increase your capacity for manifestation, prayer, positive intentionality, and support from divine realms. There will be guided meditation, energy clearings and sound used to assist you in moving through what no longer serves you and into a liberated & joyful present.


This gathering is a follow-up to Surya and Chela’s 2011 “Preparing for the Shift” collaboration.


Download their collaborative free Yoga Mixtape! http://mantrasforthemasses.com/


Tuesday April 8th 7:30 -10 pm


36 Street Studio

Room C

260 West 36th Street

3rd Floor

New York, NY 10018


Cost: $25

Advance Registration is preferred via http://choosingunity.eventbrite.com/. If cost is an issue, please contact us to make other arrangements.


Further upcoming:
Friday May 11

Soda Bar

629 Vanderbilt Ave

Brooklyn, NY

No Cover


Saturday May 19

Soda Bar

629 Vanderbilt Ave

Brooklyn, NY

No Cover


June 2nd
Triple S Kick-off party, Cape Hatteras, NC



June 7 + 8 Mama Lava!


Kraine Theater

85 East 4th Street

New York, NY



Other updates, cos it’s been too long…


I recently DJed an incredible victory party for the NYC Community Farmworker’s Alliance, celebrating the victory of Coalition of Immokalee Farmworker’s in Florida receiving a cent more per pound of tomatoes in their contract with Trader Joe’s. Their next campaign is to bring Chipotle to the negotiating table to receive a fair wage. They have a huge action in NYC April 15th, info is on their website. Stay updated with the movement and support how you can, it is so crucial. http://www.cfa-nyc.org/


For the 11:11:11 portal Surya Devi and I collaborated on this mixtape of her beautiful renditions of mantras… It’s a free download, injoy!



I guested on DJ Eclipse’s infamous “Half Time Show”  on WNYU last month. Eternia and one of my favorite humans, Heather B guested! Here’s what happened:

I was a part of Geko Jone’s recent soundclash at SOB’s using strictly female artists for Feminist Film “Just The Tip”. It was a *blast*, I won my round (another upcoming), and had several of my favorite ladies on stage with me: Petra Valoma, Lorilee Chien and Tina Lee. Alas the footage cut out halfway, my favorite part was at the end, but you can get the idea here: http://youtu.be/vmc1uP86GSo 
I recently taught two Reiki 1 classes, one in Nicaragua and one in Brooklyn, and am looking forward to more upcoming! I am blown away by what a profound and accessible blessing learning Reiki is. It changed my life at 17 years old and at 25 I knew I wanted to became a Master Teacher in order to teach others. Thanks to my beloved teacher Toni Stevens it was so. Let me know if you are interetested in learning this wonderful skill so I can keep you in mind for my next class!


I have been trained as a doula (childbirth assistant) by wise, wise woman Debra Pascali-Bonaro, so do reach out if you are expecting, it would be an honor to be a part of your process. I also was ordained a Reverend in the Order of Melchizedek. It was such an amazing right of passage and I would love to support you in weddings, ceremonies, rites of passage and so forth. I am about to launch my Brennan Healing Science practice as soon as I graduate in June (been four years coming)! I am available for healing sessions in Reiki,Access Consciousness Bars, and Brennan Healing Science (starting in July) in NYC and Beacon, NY. Basically, I’m here to help, and am so happy to 😉
I hope to see you soon 🙂 or at least chat with you via email!

May peace resound in and around you, may you feel how loved you are by the Great Mystery.

DJ Chela
The New Girl Order






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