Celebrating Farmworker’s Victory! & What’s Next…

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Chela and coalition of Immokalee Workers organizer Oscar Otzoy

March 17th 2012 I DJed an incredible victory party for the NYC Community Farmworker’s Alliance, celebrating the victory of Coalition of Immokalee Farmworker’s in Florida receiving a cent more per pound of tomatoes in their contract with Trader Joe’s. Yes, it’s ok to shop there now! The event was beautiful, with Danzantes, Mariachis, and a live Cumbia band. We observed Cesar Chavez’s birthday.

It was incredible to hear Oscar Otzoy’s sharing of his process in advocating for justice. His enthusiasm was electric. He joined me at the DJ booth for a minute, wanting to learn what I was doing, wanting to learn how to DJ. I had a flashback to when I started DJing years ago, having been raised in an activist family and seeing DJing as another form of community organizing.

The next campaign of the NYC Community Farmworker’s Alliance is to bring Chipotle to the negotiating table to receive a fair wage. Stay updated with the movement and support food justice however you can, it is so crucial! http://www.cfa-nyc.org/


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